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Summer in NE Florida is a popular time to think about kiteboarding, because the kids are out of summer, and the water is warm. But most years it is the WORST time of year for rideable wind. AND it is HOT. Hot and wet. Which is nice when you are with a woman, but not when you are standing around on the beach in the afternoon with the sun in your face waiting for the wind to blow over 15 knots so you can kiteboard.

Our wind here in the summer is a thermal sea breeze created by a difference in temperature between the 90-95 degree temperatures inland, and the 80-85 degree water near shore. This weather pattern also creates our summer monsoon, which is afternoon thunderstorms that pop up along the sea breeze boundary. As they develop, the high cloud tops block the sun, cutting off the heat, and often killing the wind about the time it starts to get rideable. Did I mention that it's HOT?

So what do we do in the summer here in St. Augustine to COOL down? Stand Up Paddle Board, also known as SUP. The fastest growing water sport on the planet, if you have not tried it, SUP is MUCH easier to learn than kiteboarding, does a body good, and can be practiced on lakes, rivers, intracoastal waterways, or the ocean. You do not need wind to stand up paddle board, in fact it is preferable to have light winds. Each morning in the summer here in northeast Florida we are blessed with light offshore breezes from the SW and a small but typically fun trade ground swell from the ESE that makes for perfect stand up paddle surfing conditions. Not into the waves? Most people prefer to hit flat water, and there are plenty of options here in the northeast Florida area.

For more information, lessons, tours, and more please visit First Coast SUP:

Interested in learning to kiteboard? Get a trainer kite, and practice for several weeks before taking lessons from a qualified instructor. Our windy season starts September 1st, and we are working on a new and improved website that will give you more information about the services we offer once the wind is more consistent, and the weather COOLS down a little.